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[creativ_toggle accordion=”1″ icon=”” heading=”What is BurnFree and why i need it?” onload=”closed”]BurnFree solves the immediate first aid needs for all types of burns by relieving the pain, rapidly removing the heat, and cooling the burn. The Industrial Burn Care Kit is ideal for use in larger manufacturing areas, ambulances, ships, large industrial kitchens, and service vehicles. Contents of this kit will provide; immediate pain relief by covering exposed nerve endings, rapidly cools and soothes the burn, draws the heat out and stops the burn progression, reduces swelling, redness, and additional skin and tissue damage, medical grade ingredients, portable, safe, and easy to use.[/creativ_toggle]

[creativ_toggle accordion=”1″ icon=”” heading=”Why should I prefer Dr. Ernst herbal medicine over traditional medicine for me and my family?” onload=”closed”]Phytotherapy (herbal medicine) is undoubtedly the oldest medicine in the world. For over 50 years, Dr. Ernst, has been globally renowned for producing some of the best herbal products. In stark contrast to traditional, chemical medicine, Dr. Ernst products, are made using high-performance, organic, fully natural, herbal-derived formulas, proven to stimulate and build the body’s immune system rather than weakening and damaging it like traditional medicines do. Also, Dr. Ernst products – being natural – are proven to have no after effects whatsoever and are safe to be consumed by everyone. Dr. Ernst products are only available in selected pharmacies.[/creativ_toggle]

[creativ_toggle accordion=”1″ icon=”” heading=”How are Paradox Omega Oil Capsules different from the rest?” onload=”closed”]Omega supplements that claim to have more EPA/DHA are highly concentrated, unnatural and have had many of the natural, health giving nutrients extracted in the manufacturing process. This means your concentrated Omega supplement oxidises rapidly and this may be harmful to your long-term health. Paradox is scientifically proven to be more stable than other Omega supplements, giving you proven long-term benefits to your health.
Paradox’s supplements undergo a patented – low temperature – purification process, ensuring total purity whilst keeping the fragile Omega molecules in their natural state. This in turn, ensures the Omega 3 molecules in Paradox are not harming your body like competitor’s products do, but instead, work better inside your body and are truly effective.[/creativ_toggle]

[creativ_toggle accordion=”1″ icon=”” heading=”Why should I consume beverages made by Tilman?” onload=”closed”]Since 1947, the Tilman Laboratory has been a leading, multi-award winning natural health care product developer. All their products are developed and manufactured under the strictest standards available and are made only after heavy research and using only the finest, organic ingredients. Clinical studies have proven that consuming beverages made by Tilman significantly improves the immune system and helps your body keep healthy.[/creativ_toggle]

[creativ_toggle accordion=”1″ icon=”” heading=”Where can i find the brands?” onload=”closed”]Some of the world renowned brands that are exclusively distributed by us include, Beloved, Benny Italia, Burn Free, Contigo, Dr. Ernst, Gargi, Medibear, Meritex, Origmed, Paradox, Primus, Proaction, Promuscle, Supherb & Tilman. These brands are available at more than 500 select pharmacies island wide.[/creativ_toggle]