FILOMEDICA announces the availability of IRODIKOS’s products

Published on November 16, 2015

FILOMEDICA is in the pleasant position to announce the beginning of cooperation between our company and IRODIKOS LTD.
FILOMEDICA will act as the exclusive distributor in the pharmacy stores in Cyprus on behalf of IRODIKOS LTD.
Find below IRODIKOS LTD’s products:

Pro Action Protein Bar Chocolate
Pro Action Protein Bar Coconut
Pro Action Fruit Bar Apricot
Pro Action Fruit Bar Cherry
Pro Action Nuts Bar Apricot
Pro Action Nuts Bar Cherry
Pro Action Special Bar Yogurt
Pro Action Special Bar Cacao
Pro Action Mineral Plus Orange
Pro Action Carbo Sprint Lemon
Pro Action Mineral Plus Lemon
Pro Action Carbo Sprint Orange
Pro Action L-Carnitine
Pro Muscle High Protein Double Bar Choco