Bio 12 LR – Digestion Treatments Cyprus

Bio 12 LR is a nutritional supplement composed of Probiotics that promote the health of your entire family. Each capsule contains a minimum of 12 billion (good) bacteria including the highly capable and effective LR bacteria. This supplement has been designed with the purpose of promoting all of the major functionalities of the body including the immune system and digestion as well as to safeguard general health.


Latest studies suggest that Probiotics enhanced with the LR bacteria have a very positive effect on treating and averting infections as well as inflammations of the urinary tract and sexual organs.
Bio 12 LR is a supplement suitable for everyone, from young to old providing equal benefits across the spectrum. It comes highly recommended by leading medical authorities worldwide and should be consumed by all to safeguard their health 365 days per year.

Instructions on how to use
1 tablet per day, preferably soon after a meal

Suitable for
And necessary to everyone for great health
The prevention of the development of viruses and bad bacteria, infection of the urogenital organs, skin depletion, and general health deterioration.
People suffering from lactose intolerance

Unique features
Boosts antibiotic as well as anti fungal treatments
Boosts general health
Fights bacteria that resist antibiotic treatment
Strategic composition of purpose specific probiotic species including the highly capable and effective LR bacteria
Suitable towards the fight of all major illnesses
No side effects – Suitable and safe for everyone
Highly concentrated formula
No dairy ingredients