Ginger Tab in Gum 30 tabs

Ginger & Vitamin B6 Tab in Gum is a unique combination that provides relief from sickness (nausea) and vomiting.
Ginger extract is known as a reliever of sickness and vomiting and is safe to use also during pregnancy.
Pregnancy sickness may also occur as a result of deficiency in Vitamin B6.


The Next Generation of Dietary Supplements

Tab in Gum is a new and very innovative technology in the dietary supplement world:  a tablet wrapped with chewing gum. The core of the tablet contains precise dosing of the active ingredients that meets the highest QC standards and regulation. The gum coating provides a heavenly experience of senses: natural colors, amazing texture and wonderful flavors – all in one Tab in Gum.
As opposed to other chewing gums available today in the market – Tab in Gum contains up to 800 mg of active ingredients – vitamins, minerals, herbs or any desired raw material. The active ingredients in Tab in Gum are released inside your mouth within 45 seconds.
Tab in Gum is suitable for a wide population, from children and youth, to pregnant women and adults.


Each Ginger & Vitamin B6 Tab in Gum contains:

• Ginger 25 mg
• Vitamin C 10 mg
• Vitamin B6 6 mg